Undervault is a role-playing game with random levels and perma-death. Game level contains rooms of different types (kitchen, bedroom, treasury etc.). Some rooms are unknown and can be revealed with luck, or by using a room card.

Pass through monsters, learn skills, get equipment and trade. Fight with hunger and fatigue. And most importantly plan dungeon carefully to succeed

Game features:

  • High difficulty (you will die a lot), but every playthrough is different

  • Turn-based battle system with aiming, items, skills, character statuses and enemy AI

  • Skill tree that allows to focus on different play styles (fighting, stealth, room revealing)

  • Mining. Dig new rooms and passages

  • Trading. Each trader in the game has its unique list of items and prices

  • Different room connection types. Door, ladder, hole (move only downward), locked door (pull lever to unlock)

  • Daily challenge. Compete with other players for the best score

  • Character leveling system. Improve certain stats on each level

  • Backpack system. You can take only a limited number of items to the next dungeon level